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#bookreview … So We Said Goodbye by Rama Marinov Cohen

So We Said Goodbye: A Contemporary Fiction NovelSo We Said Goodbye: A Contemporary Fiction Novel by Rama Marinov Cohen

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I read this book on my Kindle. I started to read it when I was questioning some things in my life and I didn’t know what the book was about but the title made me imagine…and I was so right. This book made me realize so many things and at the end of it I feel like I…matured a bit more! I understand so much better some things now, I feel like after so many years, I was finally able to move on with my life.

Aya and Uri, Yaron and Hagar. Two couples, so different and yet connected. The story basically starts because Aya, even though she lives a fulfilling life, was not able to forget her first love. She decides to contact Yaron and from that point on she is obsessing over him. Her husband, Uri, is so understanding just because he loves her so much and he is trying to show her support and to help her move on from her past. What she doesn’t know is that her actions harm so much Yaron’s wife, Hagar, which can’t help but compare herself to Aya.

The writing looks like journal entries and each character gets a chance to explain their part in the story. At times is hard to follow, I find that when Aya is sharing her side, she is somehow delusional and thinks that they could probably live together…all four of them…happily ever after.

The book ending is strange. Yeah…I don’t know what to say because I didn’t really understand where is everybody standing by the end. It could be that they were finally friends (all four) or that Aya was simply not able to move on from Yaron and she will always think about him even though she is married with Uri. I don’t know! ☺️ I have no idea and it is frustrating a bit, because I was looking forward to have an answer, to finally know what happens with these two couples.

This book made me realize something though. No matter what you felt in your past, no matter how strong your love for someone else was in the past, one thing is for sure: You must STOP living in the past and forget all your past loves! If it didn’t work then, it would never work now! ☺️ So, once I finished this book, I closed my Kindle and I took a few minutes to say goodbye to my past life!


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