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#bookreview … He Counts Their Tears by Mary Ann D’Alto

He Counts Their TearsHe Counts Their Tears by Mary Ann D’Alto

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

The author gave me the book for free for an honest review. And here it comes my review. πŸ™‚

I must say that it was an easy read. The story grabbed my attention from the beginning. There were not many characters to focus my attention on which I really like in a book, because when there are too many names I lose focus and I am not sure anymore who should I pay attention to. (yes..I am funny like that :D).

Aaron, he is scary. Beautifully scary. Thinking that there might be people out there that do what Aaron does makes me want to pay attention to every single person in my life. The only dangerous thing is that you can never know what Aaron is up to because he manipulates people so well that in the end they don’t know what they are doing anymore.

This character is so strong from all points. He has physical beauty on his side which is the first step in his game and after, the others are so lost in his game that it is too late for them to back away. I don’t want to give many details about the book if you do decide to read it, however I must say that the game he is playing is dangerous and he knows it but it is the only way he actually feels alive.

The only part that I didn’t really liked was that at times there was too much repetition. I had the impression that information that was already given was just repeated too many times and I was rushing through those parts to go faster to the story.

I will give this book 5 stars regardless of the part that I didn’t like just because the story was brilliant and Aaron really drew me to him even though he was just a fictional character. He did scare me though. πŸ™‚

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