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#bookreview … Ellen Degeneres: A Biography by Macie Meléndez – Kindle

Ellen Degeneres: A BiographyEllen Degeneres: A Biography by Macie Meléndez

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Ellen is one of those people that inspire and make people want to be better. I always wanted to know more of her life so I decided to look into books about her. I chose this book thinking that I will learn new things about her, things that you don’t read on social media or that Ellen herself didn’t mention them at one point or another.

This is a really short book but it’s content is really not great. Most things written are nothing new about Ellen. There are a few things that I didn’t know about but most of the information is short and not too much explanation is given.

I am disappointed and I feel like I spent my money for nothing. This should be between the free books or it should cost about 2$ maximum.

I don’t recommend unless you know absolutely nothing about Ellen.

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