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Curiosity Didn’t Kill the Cat

Very interesting…Food for the thought …

Pointless Overthinking

curiosity didnt kill the cat

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My mother has told me stories about how curious I was as a child.Β  I don’t know if I was born this way or if this curiosity was mostly nurtured.Β  I guess that’s sort of a what-came-first-the-chicken-or-the-egg type of question.Β  I do know that mom got me going in the right direction by encouraging me to look and listen and ask questions.Β  And for that, I owe her nearly everything.

In my last post, β€œOverthinking:Β  A Nuanced Discussion,” I wrote about critical thinking and several related issues.Β  In this one, I’d like to discuss curiosity, the engine that drives us to ask more questions and become better thinkers.

Curiosity motivates us, keeps us alive and fresh and exploring.Β  I would even argue that those who hunger to examine and grow intellectually are happier and thus…

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