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#bookreview … Royal Savage (Savage & Ink, #1) by Victoria Ashley

Royal Savage (Savage & Ink, #1)

Royal Savage by Victoria Ashley

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I remember reading this book some years ago. At that time the author sent me the book for an honest review and I remember loving it so much that I finished it really fast and I needed some time to recover after it. I am not sure what attracted me to it: the bad boy (kinda wants to be good for the sake of love), all tattooed and with many problems or the cute girl who always gets attracted by the bad boy. The thing is that at that moment I really liked it.

Last week I recommended this book to my friend and I realized that I don’t have it anymore (it was a kindle edition) so I decided to buy the paperback. And I started to read it again…and I am so disappointed. I can’t get into the story this time. I find it so cheesy and the language is so bad. I find that the book does not have that ”je ne sais quoi” to keep me going so I simply stopped reading it. I can’t continue and I can’t understand what made me love it so much the first time that I read it. I find that Royal is so ‘savage’ 😁 and I am not sure how a girl like Avalon would accept to be spoken to in such a bad way. Yes, he does stuff for her and he protects her in so many ways but he is still so rough with women. I suppose that there is a moment in life when women accept that kind of behavior and they find it attractive. But to me, that kind of behavior is not acceptable anymore.

Maybe I just changed over the years and maybe after I read more books my expectations got higher somehow. I will leave the review at five (5) stars (on Goodreads) because I feel bad changing it, since the first time that I read it I loved it so much. But in reality, right now..I find that it only deserves two (2) stars.


Thanks for reading.

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