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#bookreview … Siamoises by Michel Canesi & Jamil Rahmani (French)

Siamoises by Michel canesi & jamil rahmani

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I got this book at a library sale for 1$. When I looked at the cover, which represents a bunch of Russian puppets, and when I read the description on the back cover, I somehow knew that I have to read it.

Marie and Sophie are sisters that love each other very much. Right at the beginning of the book the family is passing through a tragedy, their father just passed away. The age of both girls is not mentioned but it is clear that they are both close to puberty. It is pretty obvious that they are greatly affected by the loss of their father, it seems like they had a great connection. This event is deciding the paths that they are taking, as it is in that precise moment that they decide their career.

The book is written from both girls perspective. The chapters are really called ‘Marie’ or ‘Sophie’ so the reader knows exactly what they are doing almost at the same time.

The sisters travel with their mom to Morroco, country that really makes them love life. When they are back in France, their mom starts dating again and soon enough the man is living with them. It is not very well described, but the story might indicate some case of sexual abuse towards one of the girls. As a matter of fact it is a bit unclear if the abuse started with the father itself. When the mother discovers some sexual photos that her boyfriend took of her daughter she decides to believe him and forgive him.

Later, as adults, the two sisters decide to travel in Algeria, where many things happen and their story starts to make more sense. You slowly realize that the things happening to them are quite similar and the people in their lives, even though they are separated, have the same names. That is were you start to wonder if the two sisters really exist or is just a fantasy? Towards the end, the truth is out and yes indeed, the two sisters are just one. Marie never really existed. Marie-Sophie is just one person, though because of her double personality she thinks that Marie is someone entirely different.

I find this book very intriguing and interesting. I really loved this story!


Thanks for reading! πŸ’•πŸ“–

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