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#bookreview … A Reason to Live (A Reason to Love #1) by T.K. Chapin

A Reason to Live (A Reason to Love #1)
Plot: Jonathan Dunken is no stranger to heartache. After losing his wife, he submerged himself in his work as an architect and pushed everyone away, including God. Four years after his world crumbled, a surprise visitor in the middle of the night changes his life forever.

Kylie wants a change in her life, especially a new job.

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A Reason to Live by T.K. Chapin

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I don’t normally read Christian books, for no specific reason, but I must say that I might start to do so. This romantic story made me feel like there is much more to a romance book than the relationship between a man and a woman.

Jonathan and Kylie found each other when both needed guidance. Throughout the book the mention of God and Jesus made me feel closer to my faith. It made me think that God does work in mysterious ways, even though this is a fictional story, these things can actually happen in real life.

Jonathan lost his faith after losing his wife. Kyle’s faith grew more and more with time and it is hard for her to accept a man who’s faith is broken. I believe that this made me feel a bit mad with her. She should have stick around more and try to guide him a bit. She claimed that she loved him though she left him to fight alone when he needed someone close. Luckily, with God’s help, Jonathan managed to go back to his faith and he accepted that he can’t control everything. He was able to enjoy life again and he accepted that whatever happens is because God has a better plan.

This was a cute and fast read. I really enjoyed it! β€πŸ“–

Thanks for reading! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

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β€œBut what if you can’t seem to trust Him no matter how hard you try?” β€œYou stop trying. Surrender is giving up your life and allowing Him to live through you.” Her eyes went to the falls in the distance behind him. β€œJesus has the living water that never runs dry. He quenches the everlasting thirst the soul has. We just have to allow Him in. Once we realize it’s only He who can deliver us from ourselves, from our pains, life becomes a lot more beautiful.”


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