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#bookreview …Daddy by Danielle Steel (last book read on 2019)

Hello readers,

Here we are in the last day of 2019, and I just finished my last book for this year. I was eager to post the review before the end of this day. So I hope you enjoy it. At the same time I would like to wish you all a Happy New Year with a lot of health and happiness. If you decide to make new year resolutions make sure to chose something that you can accomplish, like this you won’t be disappointed at the end of 2020. Enjoy your night and I shall read you all in the new year!!! πŸ™‚

Daddy by Danielle Steel

My rating: 2 of 5 stars ** spoiler alert **

I just finished the book and I want to write the review now, to get it over with. At the same time this is the last book that I read in 2019!!! Not sure if it’s a good or a bad thing but I’m happy I managed to get to the end of it.

This is the story of a father that has to sacrifice for his three children, after the mother decides to leave them to go back to university. I believe that because I’m a mother it was hard for me to understand her decision. I don’t understand why she had to go so far away from her kids. She could have left her husband but still try to stay close while following her dreams. At the same time I was able to understand that she felt trapped to a life that she never wanted. But from there to actually abandon your children…I don’t know.

Moving further the father is making everyone move everywhere, probably in search of some peace for himself. The older son has a baby and he is left behind to deal with his new life. This is where I was really upset about the situation. The son made some bad decisions yes, but his father was keep on pushing him to abandon his child and the girl. I mean, I can understand how you want everything to be perfect for your child and him leaving school to take care of a girl and their child is not the best thing, but to actually push him to just leave them behind like it never happened?! That is what I call irresponsible and mean. Luckily the son did not leave his son behind and in the end he managed to put himself back on track, with his father help (the father helped him even though for him the best thing would have been to abandon the baby …. sigh …. )

Finally the father meets a new girl which almost leaves him in the same way as his ex wife. She finally decides to stay because she realizes that her love for them is stronger than her desire to have a successful career. Strange that it was so easy for the mother to abandon them but hard for a complete stranger to do the same thing.

Overall it was a juicy, cheesy love story. So if you are in the mood for these ingredients go for it. Otherwise it is a bit hard to read. Ohhh and a bit repetitive at times.

Thanks for reading!

Happy New Year 2020! ❀

CB. πŸ§šβ€β™€οΈπŸ“–

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