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#bookreview …La fin de semaine de camping (Sortie de filles #3) by Catherine Bourgault

La fin de semaine de camping (Sortie de filles, #3)La fin de semaine de camping by Catherine Bourgault

PLOT: Malgré sa grandeur d’âme, Sophie voit toujours le verre à moitié vide. Et il y a assurément une raison expliquant ce cynisme que lui reprochent ses amies. Claudia et Mahée perceront-elles enfin ce mystère alors que toutes trois troqueront les talons hauts et le parfum contre les bottes de caoutchouc et le chasse-moustiques pour leur sortie de filles sacrée. cette année au terrain de camping ?

Les toilettes publiques immondes, la douche en compagnie d’araignées et les voisins aussi étranges que douteux forceront la bonne Sophie à constater à quel point la ville lui est chère. Mais avec le charmant Marc dans les parages, tout n’est pas si sombre, finalement. Celui-ci détient peut-être la clé pour comprendre la personnalité tumultueuse de la jeune femme et l’amadouer. ( read more here  )

My Review / My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This was such a fun and refreshing book. I am a camping girl and I totally understand this story which makes me really happy.

Three girls decide to go on a weekend camping trip. The three days that they spend there are full of challenges, mostly because Sophie hates camping. Add to the story a good-looking man and the story gets even more interesting.

This book was so easy to read that in a few days I was done with it. But that is not a bad thing, it`s been quite long that I didn’t flip the pages of a book with so much joy.

Why I give it 4 stars and not 5: the friendship between the girls disappointed me a bit. I was expecting at least in a book for friendships to be stronger and more real. However, I find that Sophie, because of her insecurities, is just criticizing her friend Claudia all the time. Also, when Claudia asked her friends if she can spend a few days with one of them instead of going back home, they both hesitated. Is this what best friends really do?

I recommend this book if you speak French and if you want to enjoy a fun story in a camping. 🙂

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